NON plagiarized essay Urgent !

NON plagiarized essay Urgent !

Urgent and need done by 5/5 at 8am. Serious inquires only. 3 sources 

The religion that I chose to be written is Buddhism. 

Write a two to three (2-3) page, double-spaced essay that answers the questions listed below
identify a religion we have studied this semester that was unfamiliar to you.

Summarize the key beliefs and practices of that religion.
What aspect of the religion do you think is most important for people who are not familiar with the religion to know? Why? Support your answers with material from the textbook and relevant modules
How many followers practice the religion worldwide and in the United States? (this will require basic research–be sure to cite sources).
How does modernization, globalization, and secularization create a favorable environment for the growth of this religion in the United States?

As an essay, the paper should begin with an introduction to the topic and states what the paper will discuss. Also, an essay should be organized into paragraphs. NOTE: numerically ordered short answers will not earn a satisfactory grade. 

The assignment is designed to address the following student learning outcomes listed in the course syllabus:

Compare and contrast the practices, beliefs and rituals of the world’s religious traditions.
Provide examples of the impact of the women’s movement, science, and secularism on religious thought.
Produce effective oral and written communication presentations to make connections between simple concepts to create newer more complex concepts and to promote personal and academic success.