The Hunger Games

How does the composer of your class novel show the challenges of being a teenager?
Write an extended response using quotes
You may wish to consider some of the following elements:
Plot Themes
Setting Style language devices
Character Teenage point of view

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Good teenage novel writers will incorporate relevant to teen challenges to their writing to show the audience the everyday life of a teenager. This is displayed in the novel The Hunger Games. This book was written to show the challenges that teenagers can face each day. Even though there are some differences between the novel and most teenage lives in the world, The Hunger Games shows how sacrifice can show true humanity and emotion in a time where there is a lack of it. In the novel, children are chosen to be forced to fight to the death and in the story, Katniss chooses to do this in place of her sister potentially sacrificing her life.

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To start with, The hunger Games creates suspense to show that trust is the key to success. An example of this is when Thresh first encounters Katniss when she is on the verge of dying. Thresh spares Katniss after learning about her alliance with Rue. He says that they are even and nothing is owed. An example to support this is, You better run now, Fire Girl. This gives the thought that Thresh trusts Katniss and thanks to her for saving Rues life. By nit killing Katniss means that Thresh does not see Katniss as an enemy, he sees her as an ally.

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