“To Err Is Human” and “Crossing the Quality Chasm”

Construct a case report (1750-2250 words) that includes a problem or situation consistent with a DNP area of practice.

Review the AHRQ and the IOM report (“To Err Is Human” and “Crossing the Quality Chasm”) to develop the case report.
Apply quality and/or safety concepts to describe the understanding of the problem or situation of focus.
Apply one or more quality and/or safety concepts to the recommended intervention or solution being proposed.
Develop the case report across the entire scenario from the identification of the clinical or health care problem through the proposal for an intervention, implementation, and evaluation using an appropriate research instrument.
Describe the evaluation of the selected research instrument in the case report.
Lastly, explain in full the tenets, rationale for selection (empirical evidence), and clear application using the language of quality and/or safety within the case report.
Case Report Requirements: case report must include the following:

Introduction with a problem statement.
Brief literature review.
Description of the case/situation/conditions explained from a theoretical perspective.
Discussion that includes a detailed explanation of the synthesized literature findings.
Summary of the case.
Proposed solutions to remedy gaps, inefficiencies, or other issues from a theoretical approach.
Identification of a data collection instrument to evaluate the proposed solution along with a description of how the instrument could be evaluated.


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