arrays conversions and tables

All page production must be generated using JavaScript. The only HTML code permitted must be encased as part of a JavaScript statement. All styling must be accomplished with CSS. In-line or an external CSS document is acceptable.

1. Create a 2 x 2 table of images that relate to the spring or summer season. All images are to be sized identically and each image will fit into its own cell. Use may use a table or a flex-box.

The images must be array-based. All even index number images will also link to a garden nursery in the Boston area. The odd images will connect to a flower shop in the Boston area. They must be different sites in all cases. The page is to have a header that reads “Welcome to the End of Winter”. The page is also to have a themed complimentary background.

2. You are to provide a conversion page that will convert:

a. Dollars to Euros based on and exchange rate of `.93 Euros per dollar.
b. Dollars to Francs on an exchange rate of 1.035 Francs per dollar
c. Dollars to pesos on an exchange rate of 15.63 pesos per dollar

This is to be in a table format with table headings indicating which conversion is being presented. The table colors are to alternate. The table values are to be between 1 and 100. The loop increment value will be requested from the viewer via a prompt-box and be incorporated into your loop. This means that your table may list 1-100 or 1,3,5,7,9 or 5,10,15,20, etc.

3. You will produce an on line dynamic menu offering for a hotel that will display a breakfast menu, a lunch menu, or a dinner menu, and a night menu based on the time of day. This page must work for all time periods. The menu must be a complete offering for that time period. This must be accomplished on one page. The page must be styled in an aesthetically pleasing manner the uses images..

4. Produce a sorted list of array-based buttons that will connect to 10 ski resorts in the New England area (okay if you go outside of New England) . The buttons should have a rounded corner transition effect when they are hovered. The page must be styled with an appropriate header.