Financial Management for the Supply Chain Professional

This is a movie critique.


Movie Critique Instructions
Students are required to compose a film critique on each of the films assigned in the course. They should be well written, following standard rules of grammar and composition, and developing consistent, cohesive ideas over several paragraphs.
A critique is an analytical essay on a film, in which you give your opinion on the aesthetic quality of the film and then give your reasons for your opinion.  Do not limit yourself to reacting to the film (I loved it !) and do not use generic terms like incredible, wonderful, marvelous, etc. Unlike a review, you assume that the reader has already seen the movie; you do not need to give an extensive plot summary; you do not need to hide plot information so as not to spoil the surprise of the viewer; and you do need to be consistently analytical and critical.
Your first paragraph should summarize the films plot or principal action or genre, and act as a transition to the analytical part of the essay. The second paragraph should explain how the HR concepts for the week were depicted by the film and why the depiction was or was not meaningful. What HR lessons were learned? What suggestions might you give to the role players to effectuate different and perhaps more satisfying (or even prosperous) result?
You are under all circumstances to make sure the opinions expressed in your film critiques are yours and not those borrowed from a printed or internet source!  Plagiarism will be severely treated in this class.  I encourage you to consult outside sources on the film you are critiquing, but you must use a reference system to credit all the sources you use.
Your critique should also answer any questions posed in Blackboard.