marine study

INSTRUCTIONS: You were recently hired by the Fish and Wildlife Service for the state of Waorca as a resource manager in charge of marine diversity (congratulations youre making the big bucks!). Two weeks into your job, the blue sea lion (Zalophus aqua; no this is not a real species) is designated as endangered in your region; the blue sea lion is found within Waorca and so this species is under your purview. As a result, you are charged with (1) assessing the status of the blue sea lion in Waorca, as well as (2) determining potential threats, and (3) the means of managing this sea lion.

Note that your answer to Question 3 relates back to Questions 1 and 2 so it makes sense to sketch out your answers in advance to make sure you are fully answering Question 3 (which is worth the most points!).

You need to write a scientific report that details these elements to present to the head of the Waorca Fish and Wildlife Service. Address the following three questions, each in its own paragraph you only need to write ONE PARAGRAPH for each of the three questions.

*You will be writing your answers in scientific writing ‘style’. Remember that you will be graded on both content and writing, so grammar, spelling and sentence structure count, as well as the quality of your scientific writing (*no references needed though obviously). Remember to write succinctly and precisely, and to include introductory and summary sentences for your paragraphs to give context to your writing.