(Otitis Externa) Advanced Pharmacology For DR Cover Only

Otitis Externa The exam for an afebrile, 13-year-old returning home from a camp with fresh water swimming reveals an edematous right ear canal with whitish-green debris in the canal. The tympanic membrane is pearly white with light reflex present. The tragus is painful on manipulation.

The diagnosis is otitis externa. Find one related evidence-based article from any College Library (not older than three years); provide the APA citation along with an embedded link to the article for your peers to access. In addition, answer the following questions and provide rationale for all answers.

Your post should consist of three well-developed paragraphs (500–700 words) using APA formatting, integrating three evidence-based resources to include clinical practice guidelines as well as the course textbook.

· What organism/s would you be considering for treatment? Provide details about the organism, where it is typically found, and any issues regarding resistance.

· How do you plan to treat the otitis externa? Choose two anti-infective agents. Provide rationale for your treatment and selection of pharmacological agents. Include a pain management plan. Your rationale should include a thorough write-up of the kinetics/dynamics, side effects, interactions, contraindications, and dosing for the pediatric population.


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