Relationship between the model and concepts in nursing metaparadigm

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The chosen theorist for this discussion is Madeleine M. Leininger.  According to Butts and Rich (2015), Leininger was the first nurse to obtain a PhD in cultural and social anthropology.  This theory is concerned with on how children with cultural differences received a lack of or difference in healthcare.  Leininger identified several concepts and theories in nursing and anthropology and then used these to develop the Cultural Care Theory of Diversity and Universality.   Ray (2012) stated “Her theory is one of the few nursing theories that offer a translational/implementation science approach to transcultural care in practice” (p. 7).

Relationship between the model and concepts in nursing metaparadigm are as follows, nursing- the profession acknowledges cultural considerations are utilized when care is delivered.  The person; every human deserves high quality care, regardless of cultural differences.  Cultural care exists to promote health across the health-wellness continuum. If all needs are met, including cultural needs, health and wellness are achieved.  In regards to environment, if cultural conflict occurs, it may lead to patient noncompliance with the plan of care.

“Leininger has long maintained that it is a human right to have one’s cultural values, beliefs, practices and needs respected, understood and appropriately used within any caring or curing context” (Wehbe-Alamah, 2008, p. 84).  This model is useful as countries around the world, in general, are becoming multi-cultural.  This model would be useful in both the educational and practical applicatoin aspect of nursing.  It is critical to determine the patients’ learning needs on admission.  This assists the nurse in planning educational and discharge material to be utilized in the planning process.


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