Written Response Assignment

So, there are 4 sections in this assignment.

First page will be where the 1st written response goes, an essay question to answer. (Details included in the pdf)

Second page is where the 2nd written response will go. Also listed with an essay question to answer, please don’t forget to make sure to visit the link listed on the second page and listen to the audio. (Details also included in the pdf)

The third page/fourth page are together, 3rd has to do with clicking on the link and listening to the song “Bob Dylans Like a Rolling Stone, while at the same time viewing the lyrics listed on that same page. Now, the page below that one, (4th) will be the directions and strophes 1-4 with small summaries to fill in for each one listed. Which will make up one page, split into 4 different summaries for strophes 1-4 (everything listed in the pdf)

Last page which is the 4th and final page, regarding “Bob Dylan Essay Question Writing Practice”. (Full Directions listed on pdf as well)