Change initative

The purpose of this assignment is to build upon, integrate, and synthesize work I previously completed regarding designing an innovative and sustainable solution to a social problem that is being addressed by an organization (that was previously chosen to research).  This will be uploaded to the winning bid/writer. This assignment should include summarized versions of previous work (and charts created-that may need to be updated to fit  (which will be uploaded to winning bid) These elements should lead to an evaluation plan summary. The document should serve as an updated holistic vision of the change initiative. This assignment will lead to a PowerPoint presentation ( 15 or more slides) so it is important to have it written well, so I can incorporate components in slides with proper in-text) citations. Note to writer: All uploaded resources will have resources cited and any additional resources will/can be provided.
****Please give this project a title, a brief introduction, and a conclusion. Adhere to the American Psychological Association (APA) guidelines for all references and citations.