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Project Topics for Finance
1 The importance of Working Capital Management
You need to identify and discuss the balance sheet items that comprise working capital.  Explain how changes in each affect working capital.  For example, if the cash account changes in either direction with the offset account not in working capital, how does that affect the working capital?
2. Impact of earnings per share, dividend per share and price earnings ratio on share market price movements. Each of these are the result of corporate earnings and the impact on investors and shareholders view of the corporations financial strength. Indicate how the change of each in both directions (up and down) may impact investors decision to invest or not invest in the firm and the stockholders interest in holding the stock.
3.The importance of Cash Management what are the important considerations in cash management regarding the optimum level of cash holdings compared to short term and long term investing with excess cash?  Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each.
4. Ratio Analysis: A tool of Financial Statement Analysis  -what do these ratios really show us?  How important are ratios and are there some ratios more important than others, and if so, why what do they indicate? 
5. The advantages and disadvantages of the Agency agreement in corporations cite specific instances for both.  Please define Agency agreements. Then analyze these from the viewpoint of both management and stockholders.  Do some stockholders have more say in management performance and if so, who are they and why do they have more say than other stockholders.
6. Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) What are the corporate responsibilities outlined in Sections 302 and 404. What was the factor, or factors that resulted in Congress passing this Act? Why is this Act important?