Nursing Program

The purpose of this project is to have you find, evaluate and synthesize research evidence from multiple sources. For this assignment, you are to select a clinical nursing problem of interest for an Advanced Practice Nurse, Manager, or Educator. You should specify a nursing problem (clinical, administrative, or educational).

You are to review a minimum of 8 research-based articles that have interventions that have been researched and data to support a solution to your clinical problem. You have may more articles than 8 as you will have several articles that provide good background information but are not actual research studies. This literature should be identifying evidence-based recommendations of practice relevant to the nursing problem or issue.

There will be two tables developed in this paper using the Johns Hopkins Evidence-Based Model:
Table 1. an evidence table is to be created that lists the relevant design elements of each study
Table 2. a table critiquing the major strengths and weaknesses of each individual study. Sample tables will be provided. Each individual study is to be rated using the JHEBP rating scale on the evidence table template. Then, the body of evidence is to be graded. You are to synthesize the body of evidence and discuss consistencies and contradictions noted in the studies.

Finally, you will discuss the implications for practice describing a plan for how the evidence will be utilized in practice (will you change practice or not), how outcomes will be measured and offering recommendations for future research. The paper should be no more than 8 pages in length excluding the required tables. The paper should include the following sections:

-Introduction  (20 points)
Purpose of the paper
Research question
The specific topic area being addressed
The significance of the problem ( national and local scale)

-Evidence Review (40 points)
Review a minimum of 8 studies on the selected topic
Conduct a reproducible evidence search using keywords
Identify databases and years included in the search
Identify the inclusion and exclusion criteria
Create an evidence table to summarize each of the studies.
Include this table as an Appendix in the paper
Create a table that critiques the major strengths and weaknesses of each individual article included in the review
Strengths and weaknesses should be in relation to sampling, study design, methods, data collection, data analysis, results, and discussion.
Sources of bias or threats to validity that the weaknesses might represent should be clearly identified.
Include this table as an Appendix in the paper
Synthesize the evidence in the tables
Conclude this section with a short summary that reflects the current state of the science on the clinical problem under investigation.
Identify the rating scale used to rate each study and provide a grade for the overall body of evidence.
Indicate the consistencies and contradictions noted across the body of evidence. This should be a synthesis of design, internal validity issues, methods, quality and consistency of evidence.

-Translation of Findings (20 points)
Describe a plan on how this evidence can be translated to practice to improve outcomes.
An outcome measurement plan should also be included

-Conclusion (10 points)
Would you change practice based on the findings of this review?
Is there a gap in the overall evidence and or practice?
What are the recommendations for future research?

Grammar, spelling, scholarly graduate writing style,  APA format, and references (1