Psychology Graduate Counseling

200 words each question

1.  Short-term theories have become popular in the past number of years due to the pressure from insurance companies and the legal needs to address the clients’ presenting problems.  With this in mind, why might it be important to consider using solution-focused theory? What can a counselor do to make sure they support their client effectively in a short-term situation? How do your skills need to change when your time with a client is limited?

2.  Now that you have studied all the different theories of psychotherapy, what theory do you feel has the strongest approach for the population you may want to work with? Do you think that you will need to learn more than one approach? Why? Bowenian theory for Substance Abuse

3.  How can you, as a counselor, avoid becoming “stuck” in a particular theoretical framework? Identify specific ways that you can ensure you continue to grow. What are some trends you are interested in learning about now that you understand counseling theory?


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