5 jewelry artists who inspire me

In an age where social media is prevalent, your research project will be an exercise in utilizing your networking skills to find an artist whose work resonates with you – deeply resonates with you.  You will write about them, their work, and how the two intertwine.  You must choose a contemporary artist, preferably one that is still living, but one that has died within the past 10 years is acceptable.  Fortunately, many living contemporary artists are friendly, and if you ask nice enough, might give you an interview.

This is not a biography, this is an exercise is conceptual development.  You can give at most, half a page of their history, unless their history is a fundamental influence on their practice.

You need to find an artist with a well-defined artist statement.  Finding an artist that appeals to you but doesn’t have enough information means you find another artist.

Questions you should answer in your report:

Why does this artist use jewelry, or other body adornment, as their medium?  (I.E. why is it important for the work to live on the body?)
Every artist is a visual storyteller.  What do they want us to think/feel?
What is their aesthetic? Why do you suppose they choose that?
What about their work inspires to you?


3 images.  Include Title, materials, dimensions and year of creation