Piaget’s Theory: Concrete Operational Skills

Directions – Piaget’s Theory: Concrete Operational Skills

Determine which construct you think would be beneficial to study in children ages six to twelve in today’s society. Complete a search on your topic, and examine some of the current articles that have been published (in the last five years). Then, design your own experiment to examine the concept.

– Create your purpose statement for your experiment.
– Justify a need for your research (why is it important), and include references to current research on the same topic.
– Describe and justify an experimental design. Is your study descriptive, experimental, correlational? Why is this design most appropriate to use to study your topic?
– How would you recruit your subjects for the study, and how would you collect your data (observations, surveys, interviews, etc.)?
– Are there any ethical considerations in your study that are specific to this age group?

Posted: 2 months ago
Due: 31/03/2020
Budget: $7


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