Project phase 2

Jackie was working today 2/9/2020 at Store #4 when she was inappropriately touched (wrapped his arm around her) by a co-worker that works with Store #4 in the furniture department. The situation happened at 2:30 pm. I was texted promptly by Jackie and suggested she takes the rest of the day off. The male formally graduated from the rehabilitation program for the second time for alcohol abuse. He’s no longer required to take a urine test. Jackie sent me a write-up on what happened, which I will attach to this email. I will interview the male tomorrow since his shift is now over. I’m suggesting we relocated the male and train him on what’s inappropriate work conversations. I believe this would solve the problem for both Jackie, and educate the male.


Human Resources Manager
The Salvation Army

Theory Analysis: Help the company leaders understand why the situation occurred. Select 3 relevant theories or concepts from the course. Familiarize the stakeholders with the theories or concepts and then apply them to the case by linking the evidence uncovered in the background section to each theory.

Select the theories and concepts from the attached slides.