Trauma-Response Helping Professionals

Master’s Students The assignment: (2-3 pages)

Identify yourself as a master’s student on the title page of your assignment.
Describe the components of the assessment.
Explain the significance of each section of the assessment for vicarious trauma. Be specific.
Explain the significance of using an assessment in the treatment and prevention of vicarious trauma for clients and counselors. Be specific.
Support your answers using the learning resources and current literature.

Learning Resources


Media Carousel: Trauma-Response Helping Professionals



Course Text: Secondary traumatic stress: Self-care issues for clinicians, researchers, and educators
Chapter 5, “Helpers’ Responses to Trauma Work: Understanding and Intervening in an Organization”
Chapter 9, “Trauma-Based Psychiatry for Primary Care”

Course Text: Compassion Fatigue: Coping with secondary traumatic stress disorder in those who treat the traumatized
Chapter 3, “Working with People in Crisis: Research Implications”

Course Text: Quitangon, G. & Evces, M. (2015). Vicarious Trauma and Disaster Mental Health: Understanding Risks and Promoting Resilience. New York: Routlege
Chapter 10

Article: Way, I., VanDeusen, K., & Cottrell, T. (2007). Vicarious trauma: Predictors of clinicians’ disrupted cognitions about self esteem and self-intimacy. Journal of Child Sexual Abuse, 16(4), 81–98.

Template: Vicarious Trauma Self-Assessment


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