change for quality/cache level 5

the change is (encourage children to explain emotion and improve communication skills) in preschool age 1 to 4 years old, 12 slides
1. title 2. Benefits of change, analyse challenge how are you share with others 3. Agree with others change need to be made, sharing object 4. Analyse the impact of change, reduce the change management plan, that take account of the identified impact 5. Establish criteria against which the plan can be evaluated, work with team to measure agreed standard, action plan to improve quality 6. own action serve positive model, identify others who can promote version of change 7. Use the strategy address resistance, implement a communication  strategy to support understand change(letter to parent) 8. Agree roles for implementing change plane, support others to carry out their role in change 9. adapt change management plane to address issues raised, stop your strategy that quality of service put it on the way visual is maintained during the change to address issues raised, establish strategy that Quality of service for individuals in maintained during change 10. Develop system to measure achievement of quality standards, supportive members, explain how quality standards relate to performance 11. Agree system to monitor effectiveness, work with others to review the change plans against identified criteria, support staff to carry out their role in monitoring quality indicators 12. Evaluate outcome of change for individuals, use selected indicators to evaluate the achievement of quality, work with others to identify area of best practice areas of improvement