Clinical Case Study

Mrs. Anderson is a 40 year old female. She presents to your office with complaints of fatigue, urinary frequency, and epigastric discomfort. She states she takes Tums, with minimal relief. She states she has had a goiter for 10 years and has complaints. You notice a quarter size open sore on her left calf. She states she thinks it is a bug bite, but it has not healed yet. Labs results: HbA1c- 10, TSH-11, UA-positive for nitrites and glucose, wound culture- positive for staph aureus. Diagnoses – DM Type 2, Hypothyroidism, GERD, Staph infection.

    What medication recommendations will you make? Include the drug class, generic and 
    trade name and starting dose range. Provide rationale for your choices.
  Discuss any potential side effects and drug interactions for this patient.
  What non-pharmacological interventions would you suggest?
  What patient education would you provide?


Initial Post:

    Due: Thursday, 11:59 pm EST
    Length: A minimum of 500 words, not including references
    Citations: At least two high-level scholarly reference in APA from within the last 5 years