Effects of stress in Aviation

Be prepared to report your findings and evidence to the rest of the class in a 4-5 minute presentation.  I will modify the grading according to the video, if it is a video of you or a power point voice over. 
*(please make a power point with a script not on the presentation)
* Attached it a Term paper i have written please use information off the term paper

Visual aids are required.

Grading: Content: 50%; Presentation: 30%; Grammar: 10%; Sources: 10%.

You will be graded on the following standards:

Presentation Grading Rubric

CONTENT:  (25 points) Explanation of Ideas & Information

(0-10 points) Does not present information, ideas or design clearly, concisely or logically. Too much information or too little, or does not bring in specifications for project.

(11-19 points) Presents information, findings and is mostly clear. May be hard to follow part of the time. Develops ideas, and supports. Presented well.

(20-25 points) Information, findings, arguments, are supported, logically, and uses clear language that can be clearly followed. Presentation is easy to follow and slides are above average. Excellent level of detail and unique information.

CONTENT:  (25 points) Organization

(0-10 points) Does not meet requirements that all speak equally. Does not have clear introduction, conclusion, and does not stay on time. Poor transitions, if at all.

(11-19 points) Meets requirements, has good transitions, a solid introduction and conclusion, kept within time limit, and supporting information is clear.

(20-25 points) Superb information flow, slides and speaker are linked, clear introduction and conclusion for all points, is interesting and includes an aviation quote.

PRESENTATION:  (15 points) Eyes, Body, Appearance

(0-5 points) Seldom looks at audience, mostly read notes / slides, few gestures, slouches, fidgets, not dressed appropriately.

(6-9 points) Good eye contact, some reading of notes/slides, some gestures/movements, good posture, and normal college clothes.

(10-15 points) Excellent eye contact, only references notes/slides, natural gestures/movement, poised and confident, excellently dressed!

PRESENTATION:  (15 points) Voice

(0-5 points) Mumbles, too soft/loud, lots of filler words (um, er, and ah so, etc.). Does not adapt speech for room and audience.

(6-9 points) Speaks clearly, proper timing / tempo, and has few filler words. Adapts for audience and room.

(10-15 points) Fantastic eloquence, rarely seen in college students. Few (if any) filler words, great use of inflection, volume and pitch of voice. Adapts and answers questions powerfully.

GRAMMAR:  (10 points) Slides

(0-3 points) Too many lines of text, improper use of punctuation/bullets, typos, no pictures/graphs.

(4-7 points) Good balance on slides, has title slide and flows well.

(8-10 points) Fantastic slides!  No grammar errors, good transitions, balance of text and objects.

SOURCES:  (10 points) Slides

0-3 points) Does not have any sources, not listed in presentation, not referenced.

(4-7 points) Uses some data, has at least 2 sources and used a reference.

(8-10 points) 3 or more sources, good balance of data and personal analysis, information well presented on slides, easily readable sources in proper APA format.