2. You will write a paper describing the topics you chose. I’m not overly worried about length, four double-spaced pages is probably enough. I will be looking for in-depth research with thoughtful discussion. I’ll collect a rough draft around week 9 and return it to you with comments. The final draft will be due on finals week.

Note that this is a research paper! You will need to go to the library and use the internet to find sources. Newspaper articles, books, research papers, websites, magazines are all viable sources. A big part of this is learning to use the library resources, so take your time with that. You will need to cite your sources based on a convention. i.e: MLA convention (Links to an external site.)

Find 2 sources that are in favor of using the technology on a large scale and 2 sources that are opposed. For each source:

Summarize the arguments made by the source
Discuss the perspective of the author (what is the question they are addressing, what do they find most important).
What sources or research methods did the author use?
Which of the sources you found is most convincing and why?