portrays a treatment method

It is commonly said during Oscar season that the best way for an actor to win an Academy Award is to play a deeply disturbed person.  An example of this strategy was Jennifer Lawrence, who played a wacky, but endearing, widow with aspirations to win a dance competition in the film Silver Linings Playbook.

For this final application assignment, I would like you to develop a list of at least 4 performances in movies by gifted actors, and identify the disorders that they are skillfully portraying. Next, watch a psychological film of your choosing, it can be from your list or not.  Identify the disorder that is being portrayed and, using your acquired knowledge from Chapter 16, identify what the best treatment plan might be.  Identify the character’s signs, symptoms, and/or background that could lead to that diagnosis.  Even if the film portrays a treatment method, you must identify what that method is (i.e. psychoanalysis, client-centered, cognitive behavior therapy, biomedical, etc…).  If you believe a biomedical treatment is necessary, identify which category of drugs would be necessary (i.e. anti-depressants, anti-anxiety, anti-psychotics, mood stabilizers, or stimulants).  Support your answer using examples from the film and information from your textbook.  Type up your work in a word document, beginning with the list of 4 films, characters, and corresponding illnesses, and ending with your chosen film and character evaluation.  Make sure to address each part of this writing assignment.  Proofread your work, and cite your information using APA citations.  Below is a list of psychological films.  You do not have to choose from this list, but it may help give you some direction.


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