This written part of your practicum will entail a written submission, and it will demonstrate if you have been able to synthesize the material throughout the semester, and demonstrate how a lesion cascades throughout our bodies. Requirements that must be met to be given full credit are enumerated and not just content will receive full credit. You must understand the material and formatting, English, grammar, etc. all play a part in how you submit a comprehensive, synthesized, paper. This is an exercise in critical thinking PRIOR to having to execute a solution post injury. Hence, the theory and anatomy are the central constructs, from this semester, and you must know before you can think of how to formulate a decision. Speaking to the nervous system, I want students to understand how a mild to severe lesion can have lasting effects throughout the kinematic chain of movement and all the human structures. Consider howa stroke changes the structure and/or the function of any one, or all, of them.  



Choose ONE of the following cerebral vascular accidents (CVAs – Stroke – in the brain) as your topic to present a comprehensive understanding of the material:

• Anterior Cerebral Artery  

• Middle Cerebral Artery  

• Posterior Cerebral Artery  

• Vertebral-Basilar Artery



Required formatting is as follows:

• References must be cited in AMA style (American Medical Association) – Wikipedia included.

• NO OTHER FORMAT WILL BE ACCEPTED. (There are websites that you plug in the information and it formats the reference for you – this is not something to stress about – citations are annoying but they are necessary).

• Double spaced with 1-inch margins (double spaced takes up volume on your paper – do not stress about the number of pages). You’d be quite surprised at how quick a student can fill 10 pages, typed, double spaced)

• Times New Roman, in 10-point size

• The content must be no less than 10 pages with a separate title page (total pages = 11 and without the references).

• There must be at least 8 references (references are NOT part of your content though, you also cite them in text and at the end of the practicum.

• Peer reviewed journal articles (ie. Google scholar) – You must use AT A MINIMUM 8 references. These references help you understand lesions and the pervasiveness that strokes affect the CNS, PNS, & the Autonomic Nervous System (the ANS will be covered when the nervous system is formally introduced.

• Begin to read the “ABSTRACTS” to understand the study; don’t waste time reading the full article.

• This is a GREAT resource for students to use and read about clinical reasoning:

• Your lab book (you can use your book as an official resource – if cited correctly).  It has a great amount of content.


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