Advance Nursing Research (Which Tools Shall You Use?)

Which Tools Shall You Use?

As part of continuing your work on your evidence-based project proposal, identify between two and five peer-reviewed tools that have been validated and found reliable to measure change for your EBP proposal. These tools can include surveys or questionnaires that have been used in the literature to evaluate similar evidence-based practice projects. Many tools may be available to you depending on your topic. This assignment involves you searching the databases to learn about how your topic has been evaluated in the past.

Assignment Instructions

After you identify between two and five peer-reviewed tools, in a Word document, describe in 300 to 500 words why you have selected them and how you plan to use them in your proposal. Include the validity and reliability of the tools (which is found in journal articles). Submit the names of the tools along with your 300- to 500-word justification and ensure that you use APA format.

NOTE: Attached, you will find a copy of my Evidence-based project proposal (EBP) for you as a reference for this assignment.

My EBP proposal is related to Mental Health. My major is Psych Mental Health Nurse Practitioner.


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