Literature Review And Appraisal

You are expected to search for the best available evidence and critically appraise the evidence.
We highly recommend that you use either the JBI Hierarchy of Evidence or Melnyk’s of evidence (as noted in the “Steps” series) to rank your evidence.

You should develop both an evidence table (see EBP project proposal paper template) and narrative synthesis. You need to write a very clear, descriptive and in-depth narrative synthesis 4-8 pages) of evidence so they reveal the current state of knowledge on the topic (see sample integrative reviews). Include in the narrative the following:

  • Description of common themes found in the literature/sources.
  • Identification of consistencies and contradictions in the literature/sources.
  • Identification of gaps in the existing body of knowledge.

Please review the readings, sample paper, and grading rubric for guidance. Use the EBP Project Paper Template and insert module writing requirements. Submit paper in entirety with each module assignment.

Criteria to address:

  • Introduction to section:  PICO(T), keywords, and a minimum of three relevant databases searched
  • Table which includes a minimum of 8 sources of evidence
  • Narrative Synthesis
  • Update References

Note: It would be to your advantage to submit this section as you progress writing the paper to draft areas in SafeAssign to verify the originality report for updates.  You must achieve an originality score of 34% or less FOR THE MODULE 5 SAFEASSIGN FINAL EBP PAPER.


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