Are legal frameworks for protecting economic interests or promoting culture?

Are legal frameworks for protecting economic interests or promoting culture?
CCT206 Law, Technology and Culture
Winter 2020

Assignment Purpose:
The goal of this assignment relates to the course learning goals. Students may make a choice among topics. Each option allows a student demonstrate their level of familiarity with 1) how Intellectual Property law applies to digital media; or 2) how Privacy torts and defenses apply to digital media. Specific topics and detailed expectations are described below.

Essay Topic:
Laws and legal frameworks that apply to digital media are required in order to grow the economic wealth of a country and are not required to protect participants in digital media cultures.

Write a paper about why you disagree or agree with this claim. Support your argument by describing related legislation or common law. Consider identifying key stakeholders and their positions on economic or cultural issues with digital media. Refer to at least one relevant case and/or decision of the court. To narrow down the topic, write your paper with a specific focus on one of the following two areas of law:

A) Intellectual Property (i.e. you can narrow down further to Copyright and Bill C-11, or Trademark protections in the Lanham Act, or Patent protection through the Patent Act etc); or
B) Privacy (i.e, you can examine protections offered by the tort of intrusion upon seclusion, legislation such as the Privacy Act etc)

Expected Length: 6 pages full plus references

Additional directions:
1.    Identify and explain briefly any laws, legal processes and decisions that you mention to support your position.
2.    Briefly define any legal jargon that you use.
3.    Identify any important stakeholder groups affected by the laws or decisions or issues that you discuss.
4.    Include a title and structure your essay with an introduction that connects to the points in your argument.
5.    Include a conclusion that summarizes the argument and reflects on your position.
6.    Cite each source in the body of your essay and include a bibliography that lists every source you have referenced and used. Avoid block quotations by explaining things in everyday language.