Theological integration paper

Based on the articles provided, write a theological integration essay.
Please look at a good sample paper that is uploaded.
The essay needs to be clear, focused expositions about a doctrine in dialogue with the required readings from the course. Think of it like being asked, What do you believe about Scripture? and then only having 3-4 minutes to respond.

The task is:
1. to make an argument about a doctrine . . .
    what is my particular stand on this question?
    what is at stake for me in this question? In other words, why does it matter?

2. in dialogue with the assigned readings . . .
    Which readings do I agree with, and why?
    Which readings do I disagree with, and why?
    Cite the readings parenthetically, for example, (Smith, 29). Use at least 2 of the required readings in your essay. You may use more than 2 readings.

3. aiming for depth over breadth.
Do not offer a summary of the readings, nor an extended personal narrative about an event or circumstances in your life. The goal here is to take a stand on the issues at stake in the development of a doctrine, and then to argue in agreement or disagreement with the readings to articulate what YOU believe about the topic. Avoid long quotations, since the essays are so short.

*No redundancy, and use simple wordings.
* Word doc 2 pages, word counts about 660 words or so.

***The writing prompt: What do you believe about the Church?