Gender Inequalities

*****(My Outline for this paper is in down below and you do not have to use my sources but please use the concepts and subthemes that I already have.)

Literature Review Instructions
SOC 3000
Dr. A. Reiter
For this final literature review, you should follow the format of the outline you have already completed. Make sure it has been approved! Refer to the literature review outline guidelines and your approved outline for details about what is to be included in the literature review.
Details about requirements for each section are below.
I. Introduction: See outline guidelines for components.
    Approximate length: about -1 page, double-spaced.

II. Body: Using relevant headings, the body should be composed of sections. Each section covers a concept. Your outline should include subthemes for each concept- these subthemes should be included in each section, but no need to make them separate subsections.

Dont forget to introduce and close each section with a sentence focused on the literature (topic sentence and concluding sentence).

    Length of body: about 4-6 pages, double-spaced. (Length of each section will vary, but each section typically contains several paragraphs.)

III. Conclusion: Summarize what the literature says about your topic. Identify gaps in the research and make suggestions for studies that would improve our understanding of the issue. You can also include policy implications.

    Approximate length: about -1 page, double-spaced.

Other Paper Guidelines:

Cover Page: You will need a cover page with your name, the course name, and the topic of your literature review.
ASA Reference and Citations: You will also need to include a reference page, as you need to use citations for any sources you use. You must use ASA format for your citations; refer to the guidelines in Canvas, and the practice worksheets we have completed.
Paper Requirements: The paper itself must be 5-8 pages (NOT counting the cover page and reference page), double-spaced, using 12-point font. You should have at least 5 (valid, academic) sources. Use normal margins (1 all around). Begin the paper near the top of the first page DO NOT space down several times. Only the title of the paper and your name are necessary on the first page of the paper before you begin the actual paper.

You will lose points for failure to comply with these guidelines.

Make sure you:
Dont use contractions in the paper.
Dont write in first or second person.
Use correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling in the paper.

Due Dates:

First Draft Due: due by 11:59 pm on Friday, April 3, through the link Canvas.

Final Paper Due: due by 11:59 pm on Friday, April 24, through the link in Canvas.

You can turn in your paper early if you would like but I am not accepting any late papers. If you do not submit your paper on time, you will receive a 0.
You have all semester to work on this, so there are no excuses for late papers.