Read and think about each of the questions below.  Then choose one of the questions and in a response of at least 300 words, explain your feelings about that value. In addition, describe other moral values that the question you chose does not address.

Do we have a moral responsibility toward less fortunate people?
Is it wrong to divulge a secret that someone has confided in you?
Should we try to keep people alive at all costs, no matter what their physical or mental condition?
Is it wrong to kill someone in self-defense?
Should people be given equal opportunities, regardless of race, religion, or gender?
Is it wrong to ridicule someone, even if you believe its in good fun?
Should you bend the rules to advance your career?
Is it morally acceptable to manipulate people into doing what you want if you believe its for their own good?
Should we always try to take other peoples needs into consideration when we act, or should we first make sure that our own needs are taken care of?
Should we experiment with animals to improve the quality of our lives?