C Project 2: SMS Converter

NOTE: Ignore the Sunday, April 5th deadline in the project specification pdf, it has been pushed back to allow for more time, it is now due Wednesday, April 8th.

On top of writing the C programs, this will also require connecting to the university’s server, named Zeus, which will require using Cisco AnyConnect VPN client; I will give login instructions to the person who gets the bid because you will be accessing my student folder in the server.

Attached is the pdf specifying everything that needs to be done, and several testing sms files (the project concerns decoding encoded sms files, as well as two source files (GMUsms.c and GMUsms.h) to facilitate connectivity issues to Zeus.

The way the program has to be written is convoluted, but I will give you whatever information you need and answer any questions you have.

At the end of all the programming you’ll also make a Makefile and then finally, a tarfile which is what will be submitted to Blackboard.

Please send screenshots just affirming that everything compiles and runs fine and maybe proof that the sms test files are being decoded successfully. Thanks

And i understand this seems so convoluted so the price is negotiable

C programming knowledge desired