Why does Christa Wolf turn to a myth that is 2.5 millennia old? Discuss how the potential and danger of storytelling, rumor, myth, and memory are reflected upon in the work itself!

Christa Wolf: Medea – A Modern Retelling [1996]
[Novel, transl. by John Cullen, introduced by Margaret Atwood, 1998, Doubleday, 209pp.] It  is on this book

-> Introduce a plot summary at the beginning of your main part, in which you briefly introduce
the layout of the book and the original plot, so that you can move on to the actual analysis!
-> Open each paragraph of your main part with a leading sentence that doesnt present a
description or proof, but an argumentative claim!
-> Offer at least one close reading on a chunk of text that you quote, in which you analyze in
detail the language applied and its multiple readings!
-> Support your claims about the text with direct quotes or references (page#)!