COPD Nutrition Care Plan

–    Describe COPD, its risk factors, and its common treatments.
–    Explain Mr. Cs current status. Describe why he was intubated and how vent support can impact a patient.
–    What are the nutrition therapy goals for a patient with COPD receiving vent support?
–    What are your specific nutrition therapy recommendations for Mr. C while he is on ventilator support? Include estimated calorie and protein requirements and the method(s) for how he should receive these nutrients (enteral, parenteral, or oral diet/supplements). You do not need to include details of specific brands, amounts/serving sizes and/or infusion rates.
–    When the condition of the patient improves and he is taken off the vent, what are your recommendations for nutrition therapy for Mr. C upon discharge from the hospital? What are specific diet plans, oral drink supplements, or vitamin/herbal therapies that may benefit Mr. C? Appendix: Write a Nutrition Care Plan/Chart note on this COPD patient, addressing the current clinical situation of the patient. Write this note as though you were the nutrition professional caring for this patient in a hospital setting. See the Nutrition Diagnostic Terminology PDF file in Course Resources along with Box 10-2, Table 10-3 and Table 10-4 for examples of nutrition diagnostic (PES) statements. You may utilize/edit the TEMPLATE for the ADIM/E Chart note TEMPLATE available in Course Resources for this section of the assignment. Then, attach your chart note with assignment essay into the dropbox.