Which statement is true regarding the use of interdisciplinary team?

16. When acute delirium is present with extrem Show more PLEASE ANSWER ALL THESE QUESTIONS I REALLY NEED THEM. 16. When acute delirium is present with extremely hyperactive behavoir in an older patient which symptom should the nurse consider as additional risk? A. Confabulations B. Advanced agitation C. Dehydration D. Excessive wandering 17. Which factor best describes the cornerstone of an individualized plan of care for an older adult ? A. Normal lobaratory results on the complete metabolic panel B. Ability to speak for oneself C. Evidence of normal range-of-motion per all extremities D. Comprehensive assessment 18. Which impairment best describes the purpose of activities of daily living ( ADL) assessment tools? A. Function impairment B. Speech impairment C. Cognitive impairment D. Physical impairment 19. What is the most widely used cognitive assessment tool? A. Canadian Occupational Performance Measure ( COPM) B. Katz index C. Mini-mental state Examination ( MMSE) D. Barthel index 20. Functional incontinence refers to problems from factors external to the lower urinary track. Which is the least likely item to contribute to inconvenience ? A. Diuretics B. Environmental barriers C. Polypharmacy D. Intravenous fluid 21. When calculating BMI the nurse notes an older adults score is 30. What does this score indicate? A. Cognitive impairment B. Healthy lifestyle C. Falls risk D. Normal hemoglobin 22. What is the primary reason for having the older adult bring all medications with every office visit including prescription and nonprescription medicinesvitamins and herbal supplements? A. So the health provider can determine if the older adult know the names of the medication. B. So the health provider can reduce potential polypharmacy in the older adult. C. So the health provider can ensure the older adult takes prescribed medications D. So the health provider can assess the older adults lifestyle 23. Which medications should the nurse cautiously review from the Beers List of medications when documenting the patients drug profile ? A. Diuretics B. Inotropic drugs C. Benzodiazepines D. Cyclosporines 24. Which statement is true regarding the use of interdisciplinary team? A. They enhance primary care visitation. B. They bring better quality services for clients. C. They meet the centers for Medicare and Medicaid services guidelines. D. They expedite nursing care services Show less


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