Article Review Assignments

This is two assignments, not one so do them separately, please

Article Review AssignmentsYou need to become familiar with the various publications that service the industry because they provide updates on whats happening in the real world.  The advertising business is undergoing constant change change that isnt always reflected in the textbooks.  Advertising
9professionals must keep current with the trends in advertising and in the industries they serve so that they can keep tabs on their competitors and so they can find better ways of doing their jobs.To help you become familiar with whats going on in the real world, you will read various publications and report on an article contained within them.  The articles you report on must deal with current issues in the advertising industry.

The rules:1.All articles must have been published AFTER December 1, 2019.2.Each article that you review must be about advertising or an advertising-related topic, which includes marketing, public relations, promotions, the media business, etc.3.You may only report on articles that are 10 paragraphs long or longer.4.Follow the format on the attached sheet.  (You will lose points if you dont follow this format.)5.Each report that you do will be typed (double spaced with one-inch margins).  Grammar, punctuation, spelling, usage, and so forth count.  You will lose points for errors.6.You may use only the publications listed below.  They are available in either Waterfield Library or in the L.J. Hortin Reading Room (Wilson Hall 218) or online.  You may mot remove the publications from either place.  7.You are to turn in a photocopy of the article with your report.  You MUST NOT rip the article out of the publication, especially any publication owned by the university.  If you do, you will face dire consequences, including earning a ZERO on the assignment.

One report is required from each of the following:

Advertising Age

Bloomberg Business Week

These are to be submitted at the beginning of class on the specified dates.Grading:  Each report is worth 20 points.  If you follow the correct format (see next page), and if you follow the directions listed above, you stand a very good chance of earning all points.

Your Name
JMC 394 Introduction to Advertising
Article Report No. ____


Full name of the publication, and frequency of publication.

II.  A brief summary of the kinds of articles contained in the publication.  This should be done in not more than three sentences.

III.  Article Summary

A.  Bibliographic information.  Use this format:Authors last name, Authors first name (Year, Month Day).  Headline or title of the article.  Publication Name, pp. ___ – ___.Smith, Joan (2017, January 21).  Ad agency hired to handle lottery crisis.  The New York Times, p. 1A.Arthur, Artie (2017, March 1).  The life and times of a busy ad executive.  Bloombergs Business Week, pp. 32-33.

B.  Summary.  This section of the report should be a concise factual summary of the article.  It should cover all the main points presented in the article so that anyone who reads your report can understand what is in the article without actually having to read it. It should be written as a prcis (look up the word if you dont understand what it means).  Your summary must be in your own words.  Do not use any direct quotations.  Be sure to indent your paragraphs and to double space the report.

IV. Article EvaluationThis is the place for your opinion of the article and its value to others seeking information about current trends in public relations.  You should discuss how well the article accomplished its purpose.  Comment on the quality and clarity of the writing and assess the validity of the research or analysis, if applicable.  Do not simply agree or disagree with the article.  Justify your opinion.  Also, identify any questions that the article raised but did not answer for you.

Be sure to turn in a photocopy of the article with your report.