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First, make sure you properly cite the article you are submitting.  [See “Supplement to Syllabus” for proper citation format.]  After you cite the article, do the following, using appropriate section titles for each of the following numbered sections: (1) Concepts: At the beginning of your discussion, LIST the concepts or topics that you will be discussing.  (2) Summary: Write a short summary of the article’s major point(s).  (3) Relevance: Then, indicate how the article pertains to any of the marketing concepts, principles, topics, etc. that we are studying, discussing in class or reading about in Course Documents or the textbook.  (4) Importance: Explain why you think the article or its content is important. (5) Discerning Question: Pose a question for further analysis pertinent to the topic that can be further discussed in class; for example, if you showed how the article related to the use of Social Networks by marketers for purposes other than offering deals or coupons, you might ask, “In what other ways might marketers use content oriented social media to add value to the brand while at the same time enhancing a customer’s experience”?



The article “Cadillac Puts Its Engines Through the Paces on the Racetrack” by Stenquist talks about how Cadillac automaker has successfully joined and won the luxury car racetrack competitions. These achievements are attributed to the quality and performance of the luxury cars that the company has enrolled in various racing competitions. Thus product concept is the key marketing principles that will be addressed in the paper and how it has made consumers favour cars produced by Cadillac.


Cadillac is a motor vehicle manufacturing company in the United States that mainly produces luxury vehicles. However, little is known about the company’s participation in the racetrack. In recent years, the company has made huge changes in their cars to participate in various racing competitions to market their brand. For example, the company has engineered and tuned its high-performance CT6-V sedan and V-series automobiles to participate in various racing competitions. This has, therefore, made the brand win various racing competitions such as in Daytona Wayne Taylor Cadillac was sponsored by Konica Minolta, and he won the race by completing 833 laps, which is equivalent to 2,965.48 Miles within 24 hours. This has, therefore, serving as a marking strategy for their brand, thus increasing the popularity of their products (Stenquis, 2020). 


This article is relevant since a real-world case scenario has been used to illustrate how companies can design unique and innovative products in order to make their target market favor their products over the products that are produced by their competitors.


From my point of view, this article is very important since it depicts how companies can use product concept ideas by designing high-quality products with innovative features to make consumers favor their products.

Discerning question

My discerning question, according to the article, is: how companies can effectively design unique and innovative products to make consumers favor their products?