Debate preparation

Case scenario #2

Mrs. Papadous is a 70 year old women with heart failure. She has been on multiple medications for this disease but has always refused her diuretic. Her argument have always been the same: i do not take this one because it makes me pee all the time. Many hcp have tried to explain to her the indication and benefits of this medication but Mrs. Papadous always maintain her position;  she understand all of it but still refuse to take it.
She is now suffering from dementia and does not always differentiate every medication she is receiving. Some days, she is more alert and lucid but other days her dementia is more predominant. 
Some nurses have tried to give her the diuretic without her noticing the pill. On some occasion, she saw the pill and refuse it.  On one occasion, she got really angry because she was constantly feeling she had to urinate. She was screaming at the medical staff telling them she knew somebody gave her the peeing pill.

    Question: Should we give Mrs. Papadous her the diuretic medication?