external validity

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1. Increasing the generalization and external validity of the findings can be done by merging the results which are done in various ways. According to our eBook, there are five approaches to increase and verify the external validity of laboratory findings. One way that I found interesting was a naturalistic observation that can be used to confirm or add to previously obtained laboratory findings. This process of using laboratory research and naturalistic observation can be used in a complementary way (Myers & Hansen, 2012). Field Experiments meet the basic requirements of an experiment. During a field experiment, we can manipulate antecedent conditions. Once this is done, the experimenter can observe the results on dependent measures of behavior (Myers & Hansen, 2012).

2. Hope all is well with you and your family during this difficult time. Great post. We can increase internal validity by random assignment of participants to both the control group and the experimental group will get group equivalence. Group equivalence will increase internal validity. Using the double-blinded experiment will reduce both participant bias and experimenter bias. So that internal validity will be increased.

3. Internal validity also means that an experiment is internally valid when the effect of an extraneous variable (a variable not focused of the experiment that has not been mistaken for the effects of the independent variable), is free of confounding effects on the dependent variable and can be attributed solely to the experimental treatment (Myers & Hansen, 2012). Meanwhile, External validity is when an external experiment is externally valid if results can be extended to other situations accurately (Myers & Hansen, 2012), however, external validity is not an either/ or matter; it is a continuum of experiments that are more externally valid than others. The researcher can generalize results when an experiment has external validity through producing findings that are more universal or worldwide or widespread across data experiment than that of the actual; in by-passing specific details of the experiment (Myers & Hansen, 2012). Good response to the DQ; best wishes.

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4. why do you think external validity is important in research?


5. Review at least two presentations from your colleagues. Provide critical feedback for your colleagues, include strengths and weaknesses you see in the proposed topic. Include any information for thoughtful reflection moving into the capstone course.

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