Read: Daniel Brisson, Susan Roll, and Jean East (2009). Race and ethnicity as moderators of neighborhood bonding social capital: Effects on employment outcomes for families living in low-income neighborhoods. Families in Society: The Journal of Contemporary Social Services 90, 4: 368 374.
Use the following questions to help you to analyze the article:
1. Main argument (2 marks)
What is the authors main argument based on their research findings? (This is not a summary of the article or an explanation of what the article is about. This should be a concise statement of the main findings that the authors present to the reader.)
2. Theory (6 marks)
a) What is the authors definition of social capital?
b) Define and distinguish the difference between bonding, bridging and linking social capital.
c) According to the authors, why does social capital matter in the study of poverty?
2. Research (3 marks)
a) What is the research method?
b) What is the sample size?
c) What are the sample characteristics?
3. Results and discussion (6 marks)
a) What are the findings presented by the authors related to race/ethnicity, employment, and social capital?
b) What are the differences discussed between the impact of bonding and bridging social capital?
c) What are the limitations of the study as discussed by the authors?
A mark out of 3 will be assigned for grammar and effectiveness of communication