DB Constitutional Limitations

You must research the topic and provide a well-written answer to the prompt. Your thread must be between 250300 words. You must incorporate at least 2 scholarly sources (in addition to your textbook) for your thread. You must cite your sources parenthetically in the text as needed and provide full citations at the end of each posting in current APA format.
NOTE: Scholarly sources can be books, journal articles, law review articles, etc. While you may use the textbook, the Bible, cases, and statutes; they will not count toward the minimum number of sources.

As noted in the textbook readings for this module/week, there are many Constitutional limitations on criminal law. One such limitation is the prohibition of ex post facto laws. Please discuss the following:

What is the ex post facto clause and how does it limit criminal law?
What is the public policy reason for limiting ex post facto laws?
List pros and cons of prohibiting enforcement of ex post facto laws?
Is limiting criminal law in this way consistent with the principles of a biblical worldview?