Student Developed Case in Project Metrics

You have had many experiences in this class with measuring, metrics, KPIs, dashboards and scorecards. You had the opportunity to interview a project manager, to calculate EVM, and to develop dashboards and scorecards. Now you have the opportunity to fully develop a case appropriate for publication to include many of the elements we have studied this term. (You are not required to publish your portfolio project, but your final product should be appropriate for publication by a peer-reviewed journals, or conference proceeding. You may wish to examine publication requirements of several journals in preparation for your portfolio development. Ask your instructor for more guidance if you wish to pursue this portfolio project option.)

There are many excellent guides for writing cases. You may use any that you think is appropriate for a scholarly paper appropriate for publication. One such guide is published by Ormerod (2017) and is included in your recommended readings.

  1. Develop your own case on project management measuring and metrics issues
  2. In no more than two pages, give an overview of the case including scope, cost, timeline, quality requirements, and the project management issues to be covered in more detail in subsequent sections of the paper.
  3. You case must cover, in a logical order for your specific case, application of the following topics central to this course:
  • project stakeholders and reporting needs,
  • challenges in project performance measurement as well as metrics that the team could use for more effective control,
  • KPIs,
  • KPI selection processes and KPI targets,
  • earned value or other value metrics could be incorporated in project performance management
  • dashboards, or other visual tools.

Paper Requirements:

  1. Prepare a portfolio paper to address the objective of writing a case study on topics of importance to this course, and appropriate for publication.
  2. Incorporate at least 10-12 current peer-reviewed scholarly references (current means published in the past five years). The CSU-Global Library (Links to an external site.) is a good place to find your sources. Additionally, be sure to visit the Library’s Project Management Resource Guide (Links to an external site.) for assistance with research and writing.
  3. Incorporate any constructive feedback provided by your instructor on your work in Week 2.
  4. Properly organize your writing based on the case writing guide you have selected.
  5. Any diagram, figure, or table should be included in an appendix, but clearly discussed in the text portion of your case. Appendices should be included after the references.
  6. Format your entire paper in accordance with the CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA (Links to an external site.).

Your case study must be 10 to 15 pages long, not including the required title page and references page or any other supplemental pages such as appendices that you choose to include


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