HA525 Unit 10 Discussion

Using as reference:

Title: The Law of Healthcare Administration 

Edition: 8th (2017) 

Author: Showalter 

Publisher: Health Administration Press Book 

ISBN: 978-1567938760 

Answer with not less than 150 words 

  1. What was the most surprising information you learned this term?
  2. What was the most practical information you learned this term? How will you utilize this information in your professional field?
  3. Are there any unanswered questions that you have about the course material? If so, post your questions here so that you can get those answers before the term ends.

In two different paragraph with no less than 75 words give your personal opinion to  Brenda Newcomb and  Crystal Moore 

 Crystal Moore 


Understanding and learning all of legal jargon was a big part of this course. I have heard many of these terms before but now I feel as though I can effectively apply them to healthcare. 

I learned the importance of legal involvement within the healthcare system. The legal aspect of not only regarding patient care but facility standards and employee rights were intriguing. I must say that the most pertinent information I learned was the details of the Affordable Care Act. I have gained more understanding of the issues regarding the ACA and applying them to my field of work is a bit easier. I remain steadfast about my opinions of the ACA and I am a firm believer that it will take more time and constant revisions in order for the ACA to work effectively. 

I have no unanswered questions regarding the course material. Everything was straightforward and easy to apply what I have learned to the case studies and assignments. I enjoyed reading the case studies and found it easy to follow along and understand. Whenever I had a question it was always answered thoroughly. 

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 Brenda Newcomb 

I think the most surprising information that I learned in this term was about the Bruesewitz v Wyeth case.  There were many interesting points that were made in the case. I think the most practical information I learned this term was the liability of hospitals. utilize this information in my professional field by always remember the liabilities of the place I work. There are no questions that I feel were unanswered in the course material.