Pkease Revise The Document Attached Based On Feedback From Professor Will Attach Template

No matter what students get for a grade in Week 6, they must make significant improvements to their draft in Week 7. Here are a few suggestions, but please remember these are only examples.  I did not edit your paper or address every item that needs improvement, I only provide examples to demonstrate areas that need the most attention.

* to improve paragraph structure, review the FEET model I describe in the APA Template I provided you in Week 1. Applying this information will help you create more effective, balanced paragraphs. For example, ending a paragraph with a citation usually means failing to provide a transition sentence. When a transition sentence is not provided, paragraphs are not linked together to provide an effective flow of the document.

* continue to develop your ability to write clear and concise sentences by deleting unnecessary words, combining sentences, and constantly and consistently rewriting sentences.

* you need to address APA Style rules including spacing, paragraph indents, and formatting the reference list.

* the articles were supposed to come from peer-reviewed psychology journals. This was an important part of the assignment.

Continue to improve this paper for Week 7 by using Graduate Online Writing Studio feedback, student feedback, feedback I gave you throughout this class, and carefully proofread your paper to make final revisions.  Doing these things will help you create a high-quality paper.  Try to do your best work!  This is what I will assume after you submit your final draft.

Dr. Dan


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