Online Booking and Management system for Beauty Salon

The main goal of the project is to create a web application that solves the issue of appointments in a beauty salon going unfilled, due to cancellations and time constraints. The project aims to provide a service to allow clients to book/cancel/modify appointments online. A dashboard with notifications for the business owner to keep daily track of appointments/activities/cancellations.  With this small business expanding its clientele, it is harder for clients to access appointments when needed.
A web app that not only provides a service to the business owner but also to customers via the Web to book appointments.
Software/Technology to be used
I have setup a microsft azure SQL database and a webapp sevice deployment through azure. using Spring IO to bootstrap and tomcat. JDBC
Coding needed fo this project- using Visual studio code with java(latest  version) with HTML CSS (some Javascript if possible).
The webapp will allow clients to book appointments in 30min slots from 11am to 8pm Tuesday to Friday. A drop down menu for specific treatments when booking a slot(nails,brows,wax etc).  Customers will be able to view available slots on date they select.