Hospital/Facility Acquired Infections

Choose a clinical focus, develop a project within a practice setting that allows you to develop these leadership skills. Identify a problem area in a practice setting that you specifically want to address (e.g., practice, policy, population, education) that aligns with organizational priorities. Example sources for the problem area may include the following:

• Practice: joint commission standards, core measures as quality indicators, other data

• Policy: legislation, staffing ratio, regulations from state boards

• Population: children with diabetes, adult obesity

• Education: future of nursing, Benner’s recommendations about nursing education

Focus on a real-life solution for the problem. Choose a topic that is timely, manageable, and realistic to the current healthcare environment. An external

resource person (i.e., manager, clinical leader, clinical educator, policy expert, or population expert) must confirm the relevance of the selected project and your engagement in the setting as part of project completion. As with all projects, you should think how you, as a nurse, function in the following roles: detective, scientist, and manager of the healing environment.


C493 Task 1: Leadership Experience

Your Name

Leadership and Professional Image

A1. Develop a written proposal by doing the following: Identify a problem or issue related to practice, policy, population, or education that aligns with the organizational priorities you seek to solve.

Note: You may need to meet with your organization or practice setting, your manager, or your supervisor to help choose a current problem or issue.

A1a. Explain the problem or issue, including why it is applicable to the area of practice you chose and the healthcare environment.

A2. Discuss your investigation of the problem or issue.

A2a. Provide evidence to substantiate the problem or issue (e.g., organizational assessment, national source documents, evidence from a stakeholder).

A3. Analyze the state of the situation using current data.

A3a. Analyze areas that might be contributing to the problem or issue.

A4. Propose a solution or innovation for the problem or issue.

A4a. Justify your proposed solution or innovation based on the results of your investigation and analysis.

A5. Recommend resources to implement your proposed solution or innovation. Include a cost-benefit analysis of your proposed solution or innovation.

A6. Provide a timeline for implementation based on your proposal.

A7. Discuss why each key stakeholder or partner is important for the implementation of the solution or innovation.

A7a. Summarize your engagement with the key stakeholders or partners, including the input and feedback you received.

A7b. Discuss how you intend to work with those key stakeholders or partners in order to achieve success.

A8. Discuss how your proposed solution or innovation could be implemented, including how the implementation could be evaluated for success.

B. Explain how you fulfilled the following roles during your process of investigation and proposal development:

B1. scientist

B2. detective

B3. manager of the healing environment


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