Read The Flight from Conversation by Sherry Turkle and A Public-Health Crisis That We Can Fix by David Leonhardt. The two articles take different approaches in describing the problem of how overuse of technology interferes with our lives. One article focuses on social problems; the other focuses on driving safety.
You are to write an essay in which you offer solutions. Decide which problems you want to write about by choosing one article. Think about many aspects that solutions could entail: Parents setting rules and guidelines for kids; schools and workplaces enforcing policies; changes in rules for social conduct in restaurants and other public places; changes in the laws for texting while driving; changes in technology on cars and electronic devices, etc. Give examples to support your ideas.  Solutions often require the words, should, would, could, so consider using these words. Your first paragraph should introduce the article and state your thesis.
Your essay must make at least two references to the article.
You may not use the word I throughout the paper, including when stating your position.

minimum of 2.5 pages