The Human Lifespan PSYC


· Select two of the following topics.

· 2 (5 page minimum content papers).

· Utilize 12 point font, 1″ margins, and double spacing.

· Be sure to edit your work for grammar errors.

· The paper content should have the title and text only.

· This is a self-reflective paper about your personal life experience. It should be your original work and must not be completed during a previous semester or submitted for more than one course this semester.

· Include a cover page with title of paper, your name, and university.

· NOTE: This format must be followed to obtain full credit for this assignment.


1. What I Know about Family Sciences or Healthy Living that I Don’t Use

2. Sticky, Tacky Stuff in My Family of Origin

3. Sticky, Tacky Stuff in My Marriage

4. How I Manipulate Others

5. My Emptiness

6. Fear of Intimacy

7. Triangles, Triangles, Triangles Everywhere I Go

8. My Part in My Problems

9. My Invented Reality

10. If I Only Had Better Boundaries

11. I am Swimming in an Undifferentiated Family Ego Mass

12. My Attempts to Choose Better Meaning to Put on Things

13. How I Lie to Myself

14. Going Home Again—My Attempts to be Different in My Family of Origin

15. Me and My Compulsions

16. Me and My Money Habits

17. How My Life would be Different if I Double My Skills at Self-Validating

18. My Religious Traps

19. What I Will Do With My Life When the Merry-Go-Round Stops

20. My Future Growth Plans

21. Making Better Choices

22. When I Grow Up

23. Exterminating My Bad Habits

24. Me and My Sexuality

25. How I Intend to Age

26. Doing My Thing

27. Loyalties to My Mother

28 Loyalties to My Father

29. Developing More Tolerance of Myself

30. Learning to Love Myself is Where it All Starts

31. The Art of Loving

32. My Model of the Human and How I See Myself

33. The Pushes and Pulls of Life

34. My Money Senses

35. I Will Work on My Part of the Problem

36. The Randomness of Life

37. I Am Like a Duck out of Water

38. Reinventing Myself

39. The Task of Continually Reinventing Marriage

40. How to Take Care of Me Knowing My Ship May Never Come In

41. How I Learned to Trust Myself

42. That Time I Learned to Appreciate Myself

43. Alice in Wonderland

44. Surviving in a Crazy System

45. How I Set Myself Up for Failure

46. Self-Care at Its Best

47. My Sexual Hang-Ups

48. WOW!

49. How I Learned About Sex and Intimacy

50 I’ll get It Right Next Time

51. This is Where I Get Off This Train

52. My Hangnails in Life

53. I Create Most of My Own Problems

54. Me and My Self Talk

55. When I Become My Own Person—Self-Discipline & Love-of-Self

56. How I Want to Be Living in Ten Years

57. How I Sabotage Healthy Living

58. I Keep Tripping Myself

59. My Ideal Job

60. Where Happiness Begins

61. My Biggest Mistake

62. A Branching Point That Made a Difference in My Life

63. Letting Go of Self Put-Downs

64. Letting Go of Hate

65. When I Start Nurturing Myself

66. The Book that Changed My Life

67. Things that I Know that I Don’t Use

68. This I Believe

69. My Self Analysis

70. My Naïve Theory of Human Development (Child Development) (Marriage) (Family)

71. What I learned about in (elementary, middle, &/or high-school) about education, friendships, and life.

72. What college means to me

73. Where I see my educational path going

74. How I take care of myself physically, mentally, and spiritually

75. Ways that I sabotage my health (physically, mentally, & emotionally)

76. How I make the best of my life each day

77. Identifying my standards for being happy and meeting my expectations

78. What happiness means to me

79. A rock in my shoe

80 Fake it until you make it

81. The power of love

82. Making the best of a bad situation

83. Overcoming life’s obstacles one at a time

84. My Ideal life


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