Discussion 9



Access the two links above and read about the Toronto Community Housing’s Human Resources practices. Reflect on the Module 3 Topic 3 lecture and answer the two questions below. Please limit your response to no more than 8 sentences total.

Question 1: Which pitfalls and mistakes mentioned in the lecture were made by Toronto Community Housing? Identify no more than two pitfalls/mistakes and be specific.

Question 2: What impact will the identified pitfalls and mistakes from question one have on the organization?


Article PDF Link

1.  Identify one “value” that is very important to you and describe what this value means to you personally.

2. Provide an example of how this individual value has or could conflict with an organization’s values (i.e. a workplace/employer). Your example could be a real-life story or could be a hypothetical situation you believe you might face in the future given your potential career.

Please limit your response to no more than 8 sentences.