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Nuts and Bolts: For each of your 8 sources (Five Scholarly, Two Non-scholarly), please provide 200+ word annotations which describe, briefly:

the relevant content of the source
what it contributes to the conversation/discourse of your topic
in what way it is valuable or useful for you in your project.
Additionally, you should discuss what makes this source, in your eyes, credible (and, for your scholarly sources, how you know it is scholarly).

Generally, there are 3 types of annotations used summative (this is what it says), evaluative (this is how useful it is), and reflective (this is what I used it for).

Your annotations for this assignment should focus on a combination of summative and reflective.

The format should be as follows: A complete bibliographical citation followed by a single-spaced and thorough annotation.

PART TWO — Synthesis
Following the Annotated Bibliography, you will compose a brief synthesis document which utilizes a minimum of 5 of your sources.

The goal of this document is to identify important and relevant moments of OVERLAP and GAP amongst the research sources you’ve read.
You should use synthesis (using what is known information from 2 or more sources and combining it to conclude something new) to:

identify what are questions/answers that seem consistent across the discourse, as well as what are some unanswered/unasked questions in the discourse
attempt to find an “entry point” into the conversation — what can YOU contribute, having now caught yourself up on he scholarly conversation.
put multiple sources in conversation with one another (at least two per paragraph)
discuss similarities (overlap) and divergences in findings/perspectives/opinions/methodologies etc between related sources
draw conclusions about what is know and what needs to be further researched in the field/unknown

This document should be:

12 pt font
1 inch margins
In-text citations should be utilized and should refer back to the full citations of the Annotated Bibliography
a response of 500 words