What levels of physical activity are actually needed for health promotion? , What factors affect participation? and How can we promote physical activity in different settings?

where you will reflect on the main points “highlights” of the readings and the activities. Ask yourself: “What have I learned in this unit?” “Why is this important?”, What does this new knowledge mean to me?, “How will this knowledge help me in future?” “Why are these concepts important?” You may wish to discuss your answers to these questions online with others in your class before writing your reflection.
– “Why are physical activity guidelines developed and why are they developed for a variety of age groups?”,
– “What is the difference between engaging in physical activity for health benefits and for fitness benefits?”,
What are the strengths and weaknesses of planning/implementing individual level strategies as compared with site-based or national strategies?”,
– What are some of the barriers that hinder physical activity practice in certain sites such as schools and workplaces?” (In this case you may wish to think about your own work place or a friend’s, or relative’s workplace. You do not need to cite the specific place/ company/ organization etc.)
“Why it is important to know the theories/models?”
“What are the main differences observed in these theories

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