Advocating for the decrease in stigma and discrimination against the mentally ill

************Please review all attachments. Its has my draft someone done prior, which gave me a grade of a 70 ??. I have changed the main topic, due to guidance from my instructor, which is written on my previous paper with different color typing (please review all her recommendations). Please review grading rubric and instructions that will be uploaded. I need someone who is great at APA 6th edition and has some medical/advocating/mental health background. I have to make a good grade on this and I am crazy busy working on travel assignments to work this pandemic crisis we are under. ******************* She also put at the end of the references in the paper in black writing underneath bottom of paper her expectations. Please if you dont have the time to write a good paper, please dont take assignment . I attached a document where u might can see whole paper, instead of going through all screen shots, but please read directions, grading rubric and other pertinent information. The subject of paper has changed to make it more simple and more about advocating for mental health stigma and discrimination. Thank you!!!